5. Fried Tofu 甜酸炸豆腐

Fried Tofu in sweet and sour sauce.

12. Sambal Goreng Telor

Fried eggs in our own homemade tasty spicy sambal.

19. Miehoen Goreng Nyonya

House special fried noodles with shrimps and chicken

21. Nasi Goreng Nyonya 招牌虾仁鸡肉炒饭

House special fried rice with shrimps and chicken.

23. Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭

The always and anytime go-to comfort food for Malaysians!

26. Laksa Noodle Soup 叻沙汤面

Is it a curry? is it a (noodle) soup? It is Laksa!

30. Hainan Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭

The Chicken rice to go to war over with our neighbours.